Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ecafepro hacked? Closed? Easy solution for CC owners :)

here is a patch for time freeze: https://www.mediafire.com/?ctmt71dd9mrw6rq

people kept searching for ecafepro hack and come here.. lol.. here is a patch for timer freeze.. open for rm1 and double click "Ecafepro TIMEFREEZE.bat" ... you wont be noticed as the master pc thinks your time is still there.. if the cc owner ask you, just say that you dont know anything, maybe a glitch? as the ecafepro is still running.. :)

Well today there are too many hack released for ecafepro and its sibling. My method here can be applied only when the ecafepro were closed down; not for the hack that give extra time for the pc user.

But actually, if you realize it, the hack that were often used in Malaysia is not a hack. They simply enable back the taskmgr.exe or download a new program similar to taskmanager and then they end the ecafepro program process. This method is used largely in Malaysia, even the staff use it after their end shift to play with their friends.

Well my method is not that good but it sure can provide more money to your pocket if your staff or user are not the brain type, which in reality most of them are. Plus the method wont harm you a bit to try and no money will be wasted. :)

You just need  to find an application that can run the ecafepro program in 2min interval (can change the interval as you like but 2min is just nice allready :) or a program that can detect the ecafepro closed down and run it again. As for the interval one, the ecafepro program wont be run in jumbled, it only run once if it was closed down early. And try not to change the interval lower than 1 minute so that your pc wont effect much from it. Oh one more thing, try change the program name into svchost.exe, so if someone found out the new program, it could confuse them a bit. Dont worry, most of them are newbies :P

Here are some of the mirc code I scripted, try to figure out yourself how to do it. I'm in no mood to get into it now, maybe later.

on 1:start:{
  timertray 0 0 showmirc -t
  timerecafe 0 120 run C:/*********/ecafepro.exe

on 1:exit:{
 run $mircexe

  • change the ********* in the timerecafe to the ecafepro directory.
  • if you want to use the code, try older version of mirc; more light and the mirc.exe file can be renamed (to svchost.exe).
  • change the tray picture in the option to invisible so it wont show mirc in the tray (use paint).
  • minimize as much as u can so the user wont see much if they double click on the tray.
  • try to find hacked version of mirc.exe where the mirc wont show any option if the user right click on it (can be done yourself via hexeditor).
  • the on exit command only works if the user close via option; useless if the process were killed in taskmgr.

If you have another solution or found more suitable program as solution, tell us via the comment. It would also be nice if there are someone out there can write us a program. This would greatly help the other cc owners and you yourself ;)

  • Trying to hide your ecafepro process in taskmgr looks like a good idea but the process can still be seen when the user download a program similar to taskmanager.
  • Dont tell your staff that you plant a new program to stop the hack, as always they too are complotting against you! If you need to tell something, just tell them its an upgrade to the ecafepro program.

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