Thursday, 19 December 2013

How to Map Hack on RGC and Garena undetectable (december 2013) + MH detector


Safe DotA Hacking on Garena and RGC 
I thought it would be better if i share some naughty tips with you for using Garena hacks. these tips are applicable for every Garena hack, but i'll tell you about Garena Master-II only. Rest you can figure out yourself.

You can Download Garena Master II from Here

Follow these steps.
* Open GM2FIX.bat - bypass garena/rgc security check.
* Open Garena Master II - the maphack program.
* Go to Garena tab and Check/Uncheck options as mention in Picture.

[Image: 1pypp2.jpg]

Now move to Warcraft III tab.

* Check/Uncheck options as mention in below picture
*well in new version you have safe click... dont need all these things to uncheck...
just check the "safe click" thats it... enjoy hacking.
[Image: 2ze0bar.jpg][Image: 69p3qa.jpg]
[Image: 11v39tw.jpg]

Now this hack is quite safe. It is so safe now that you can even take screenshot and no one will come to know that you are using hack and you can not be caught in Garena/RGC chat and in game too. because Fog clicking is not possible if you use hack through this way and therefore you can not be caught.

But if you think yourself pro then must switch off the hack and play the game. Otherwise on Garena/RGC i think 80% players use hacks. So you can easily make out who is hacking and who is not.

Now open Garena/RGC (Ranked Gaming client) and enjoy hacking.


Btw... there is also a maphack detector inside.. here is what you need to do if you want to use it:
1) copy the mh-detector.mix to warcraft folder..
2) run vcredist_x86.exe
3) run warcraft and play
if you are lucky and someone is maphacking.. warcraft would automaticly alert you the maphacker name is fogclick-ing.. 

if fogclick is undetected or mh-detector.mix missing after you close warcraft, fix this by:
** go to frozen throne.exe and war3.exe(if you have it) properties... pick compability tab... tick run this program in compability to windows xp (service pack 3)


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